I’m a generalist drawn to models, systems, & tools we build along the way.

Think in systems

Everything we make is a system, whether in-and-of itself or as a part of a larger model. Acknowledging this allows us to think more openly about our work, be responsible & accountable in our execution, and examine how it all fits into the the greatest model of all — the world.

Listen & ask questions

I’m an experienced product designer, responsible for leading the design process on product teams, defining product direction, prioritizing cross-company efforts, and shaping new practices within design organizations.

As a design generalist, I use a breadth of skills to contribute to the entire product lifecycle — research, ideation, journey mapping, visual & interaction design, prototyping, measuring success, brand design, and product marketing.

I care about why we build things, and the effects of technology on society. It’s our job to consider the impact of every decision we make, and ensure that what’s built is ethical, inclusive, and accessible for anybody to use.

Building successful products is a team sport. It requires healthy collaboration, persistent communication, and diversity in people and ideas.

New opportunities

I’m currently living in Brooklyn, NY, building a few things of my own, while seeking a new full-time role. I’m interested in utility tools, climate, transportation, films, music, and health care. Previously, I built tools for design teams at InVision, designed enterprise software at IBM, and prototyped apps for people at work with Apple. In 2014, I founded the Make Lab with a co-worker in Austin, TX.

I get inspired by meeting new people. If you find yourself in one of the five boroughs and would like to meet up for a tea, coffee, or snack, please reach out on Twitter!

Matthew Paul in Brooklyn, NY.
Keynote talk, Dribbble Hangtime NYC.